Born in Venezuela of Lebanese heritage, rising DJ and producer Amal Nemer has quickly become one of Miami’s most exciting exports since launching her music career there in 2020.

The Magic City is, in her own words, “the perfect place to be if you’re an emerging artist”, but few can compare to Amal’s rapid rise in Miami’s electronic scene.

Despite only truly emerging in 2021, Amal has already released music on labels including Moon Harbour, Glasgow Underground, Nervous Records, Made in Miami, Farris Wheel and found her way into the top 100 of Beatport with instant hits such as ‘Shot Por Mi’, ‘A Good Song’ and ‘Feelings’.

With her charismatic personality and ability to make anyone spontaneously dance, Amal uses music to connect minds, bodies and souls. Having delved into Afro house and melodic house in recent years, she is now returning to her tech house roots, driven by her love for pure percussion and musical idols including Damian Lazarus and The Martinez Brothers.

Amal is an architect by trade and grew up as a computer hacker. She transfers these skills to music production, constructing songs in Ableton as if designing a building, and working at speed. “My creative process is visual. I see the structure of the song, and when I produce it’s like a game”, she says. “I go there and lose track of time.”

It’s no wonder Amal is such a prolific artist, and her relentless productivity is set to continue in 2024, with a string of upcoming singles as well as dates on the festival circuit, including the Insomniac Records pool party in Miami.

Amal means “hope” in Spanish, and her eternal optimism bleeds into her music. “I believe in our capacity to manifest all things”, she says. Her newly launched party Manifest, which debuted at Miami’s 1-800-Lucky in March 2024, embodies this outlook on life, creating a space of escapism, hope, love, and above all, dance.

In the DJ Booth Amal leans towards genres like House; Tech House and Melodic House & Techno; combined with her charismatic personality; and her energetic and spontaneous way of connecting with the public makes an explosion capable of making anyone dance, so in 2021 Amal has become a revelation for the electronic scene in Miami, having the opportunity to play in multiple events and venues in the city, sharing a stage with great exponents of the genre and even positioning herself in the first places of the top 100 of Beatport with songs of her authority as A Weird love, Mindset and Feelings.

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